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IVF Specialist

The Fertility & Gynecology Center - Monterey Bay IVF

Edward J. Ramirez, MD, FACOG

Infertility & Fertility Preservation Specialist & General Gynecology & Minimally Invasive Surgery located in Monterey, CA

When you need in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive a child, give yourself the best possible chance for success. The Fertility & Gynecology Center - Monterey Bay IVF in Monterey, California, features an in-house boutique IVF facility called Monterey Bay IVF. Fertility specialist Edward Ramirez, MD, FACOG, performs all IVF procedures himself. The numbers of successful live births from Monterey Bay IVF are among the best in the United States. To leave infertility behind and start your family with IVF, contact the office by phone or schedule an appointment online today.


What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that help couples who can’t conceive a child on their own achieve a healthy, full-term pregnancy and birth. Dr. Ramirez and his wife had their first child with IVF, so he brings not only his in-depth knowledge and skill with IVF procedures but his personal experience and compassion for your fertility struggles.

What happens when I get IVF?

Conceiving a child with IVF is a complex procedure with many different steps taking a couple of months to accomplish. Dr. Ramirez and his caring team realize that following IVF protocols can be overwhelming, so they are there for you and your partner every step of the way. The basic steps are:


If you’re a candidate for IVF, you undergo a variety of tests — including blood tests, ultrasound, and hysterosalpingogram — that help Dr. Ramirez and his team identify any potential abnormalities that could complicate your pregnancy. Your partner undergoes tests, too, including semen analysis.

Dr. Ramirez takes this time to give instructions about diet, supplements, weight loss, and sexual behavior. Once your tests are complete, he may recommend treatments to resolve abnormalities, such as removing uterine fibroids.

Ovulation induction

In the ovulation induction phase, you receive injectable fertility drugs that stimulate the production and release of multiple healthy eggs. Releasing more than one egg at a time is called superovulation. 

Egg retrieval

Once your ovaries produce multiple eggs, you undergo a simple, 30-minute egg retrieval procedure. Dr. Ramirez inserts an ultrasound-guided needle into your ovary and removes the eggs and fluid. 

Fertilization and transfer

After the doctor fertilizes your eggs with your partner’s sperm, they develop for up to five days. The healthiest eggs are selected and transferred to your uterus.

Pregnancy testing

Two weeks after your transfer, your IVF team administers a blood test to determine if you’re pregnant. If your pregnancy test is negative, you stop taking the hormone progesterone. Within five days, your period returns, and you can discuss with Dr. Ramirez whether you want to try another cycle of IVF.

If your pregnancy test is positive, you take another test two days later to confirm the result. You continue to take progesterone until you’re ready to deliver your baby.

Give your IVF the best chances of success by working with the experts at Monterey Bay IVF. Contact The Fertility & Gynecology Center - Monterey Bay IVF by phone or schedule an appointment online today.