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Travel & Distance IVF


Monterey Bay IVF Welcomes Long-Distance Patients!

We welcome many of out-of-state and international patients. If you are visiting our region from another part of the country or the world and would like to receive fertility treatment from Monterey Bay IVF, we would be happy to accommodate you. You can feel confident that we will address your specific needs and coordinate all aspects of your treatment in a manner that will keep your travel to a minimum.

We once had a couple from Korea that underwent an IVF cycle in Los Angeles. When that one failed they searched the internet for another clinic in California with good statistics and found ours. Although they were Korean they spoke Japanese, a language Dr. Ramirez speaks fluently. They felt very comfortable with coming to our center. We helped them arrange for their hotel and transportation. After reapplying for their visa to extend their stay (for medical reasons), they pursued IVF with gender selection with success on their first cycle with us! They now have a beautiful baby boy.

Initially, the doctor will do a telephone consultations with you during which time he will discuss your options and possible treatment plans. Should you decide to start treatment, you can schedule your cycle to coordinate with one of ours. All our cycles are planned making it simple to schedule your trip to see us. Some initial lab work and/or cycle monitoring may be performed ahead of time at an office near your home. We can work with your physician and coordinate with him whatever tests need to be done in advance and medications ordered,  in order to insure that treatment proceeds smoothly. Please see Out-Of-State & International Patients for more information.


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