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Additional Testimonials


Fertility and Gynecology — Monterey Bay IVF Testimonials

May 13, 2018

From time to time we get an update some years after the birth of one of our successes, which always makes us grateful that our patients not only consider us family, but they let us know how happy and healthy their IVF baby is!

“Dr. Ramirez & Staff, Thank you for never giving up hope on us! We look at our family and will always remember the hope and joy you gave us. You and your staff are like family to us and you will always hold a special place in our hearts. Our little man is a blessing from God, of which He chose you to help bring *** into this world. His name means “blessing” for this very reason….”


February 18, 2017

And sometimes, even when a cycle doesn’t go as planned and our patients have to hold on to hope that their next try will result in success, we get a note to encourage us as well!

Dear Dr. Ramirez, 

C. and I want to sincerely thank you for all you’ve done to support our growing family. Your guidance, compassion and expertise have made our journey easier to understand. We are hopeful and encouraged that things will go well in July. Thank you for all you’ve done and all you continue to do to support our family. We will always be grateful. Many thanks, K & C B.


May 2, 2016

Receiving a birth announcement is one of the highlights of the day for each member of the staff….we celebrate along with our happy parents and are honored that they remember us with these kind words:


November 12, 2015

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

I  have thanked you a thousand times in my head and I’m finally sitting down to write you a proper note, although no words can truly express how grateful we are to you for this precious little boy. J will have his first birthday next week and he has already brought so much love and joy to our family. He is so sweet and so happy. He has completed our family and was the missing piece we prayed for and longed for. We will always be thankful for you and the attention and care you provided every step of the way in our journey that led us to him. Thank you, thank you, for the wonderful blessing you  have given our family!

Sincerely, A. & J. B.


September 10, 2015

Dear Dr. Ramirez and staff, 

This little guy turns 7 years old today. Thank you Dr. Ramirez and everyone at Monterey Bay IVF for giving us this amazing little miracle, who brings so much happiness and joy to our lives! We will be forever grateful to you for blessing our family not once, but three times. The twins will be 4 next month! Time flies, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for you all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The C. family


November 24, 2014

Dear Dr. Ramirez, Elvira, Karen, Melissa and all,

We’ll find out our results today! Before we do, I want to sincerely thank each of you for your role through this process. It can be overwhelming, but we felt so much care and support from youthat we became stronger through it. Every step was explained clearly so we felt confident explaining it to our family, laid out with reminders to keep us on track and performed with such heart that we truly felt this is exactly where God wanted us to be. Thanks for your exteme professionalism and high level of care.

We feel blessed. K. & J. D.


January 15, 2013

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

Our girls are still doing well, most people are shocked to hear they were born at 28 weeks! They’re in preschool right now and will start kindergarten in the fall. We’re moving to Hawaii next month, as my husband has orders to stay here for the next two years. The girls are very excited, they want to dance “like the hula ladies”. I’m really looking forward to giving them this experience, I just hope they will remember it! We hope you and your staff have a wonderful New Year and thank you for giving us our triple blessings!

Sincerely, A & G


April 11, 2012

Dear Dr. Ramirez and Staff,

A quick update on my miracle baby Emily Ann, born October 11, 2011 thanks to your help! She weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces at birth. She now pushes towards 20 pounds ands is close to 29 inches long! A mellow soul and happy traveler, she has already been all over the country with me on business. As you know, I travel a lot for horse shows and of course, arena dust covers this baby. We’ve lost track of how many ropings, sortings, and gymkhanas she has hauled “her” horse (stuffed lovey) Henry, to. Emily looks forward to riding solo someday soon. In April she braved an all-day branding in sweltering heat surrounded by long-horned cattle—and kept on smiling! We hope to see you soon…I am anxious to show her off to you all! Thank you for making my dream come true.

Love to you from
Mom and Emily


January 2, 2012

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

Hello! This is Anna and Doyoung from South Korea. We hope you guys are fine. Our boy, Seojin who you help us give him a birth with PGD has become 8 months old already. Thank you so much for your kind and delicate care. Our IVF journey to U.S.A. could be successful thanks to you guys. Our entire family is so happy because of our son. Dr. Ramirez and scientist Lisa, you guys did great job. Keep up good working and give a lot of family happiness. Karen, Elvira and Juana…we miss you guys and beautiful Monterey.

Anna and Doyoung


July 30, 2011

Dear Dr. Ramirez and the entire staff at Monterey Bay IVF,

Words cannot even begin to express, nor do they seem sufficient enough to convey our level of gratitude for all that you have done for our family. Our appreciation extends way beyond how thankful we are for the many years of experience you have acquired in this field, and your incredibly high level of expertise. Your staff truly is a testament to what kind of miracles can result when you combine teamwork, compassion, and an exceptionally high level of patient care. I don\’t think you will ever truly realize what a large part each and every one of you played in assisting us to begin to fill the void our hearts were left with, and the tremendous joy that we have once again found. Thank you so much for helping make our dreams a reality. It is still so hard to comprehend how such an unbelievably miraculous member was added to our family who will now experience with us all that this wonderful world has to offer: as we continue on this amazing  journey we call life.

Please don’t ever stop doing such amazing work and caring as much as you do.You have brought joy to so many families.

In appreciation, The “W” family

December 10, 2010

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

I would like to apologise at the very beginning for not writing this letter much earlier, due to various circumstances. I know that you will understand and will forgive me for this.

This is a letter in which I would like to tell you everything I couldn’t tell you in the past months, because of our language barrier. What made it much easier for me, was the fact that I could almost understand everything you were saying, and also the fact that the face can sometimes speak more than words. I was upset every time when I came to your clinic because I couldn’t take part in conversations in which I yearned to tell you all what a big heart you all had, how kind, patient, gentle you all were, and more than anything else-how very professional you all were. I’ve been telling all my friends and family how amazing you were and what an incredible joy it was to a patient of the doctor that you trust endlessly and who did his best to help you reach our common goal. In Serbia, I am sad to say, that is often not the main priority, the focus very often shifts to the material side of the problem, not the “outcome”, doctors can be quite cruel and inaccessible, so it will come as now wonder that Slobodan and I are so enchanted with you.

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you for:

• The initial phone conversation with Slobodan from Belgrade, when we heard a calm and encouraging voice and only guessed everything that we were lucky to see for real later.

• For the first time we met you, when you confirmed everything that we believed was true – that we are in the right hands of the man with enormous experience and even bigger success, the man who emits positive energy and cannot but be trusted immediately, the man who finds it very important to respect his patient.

• For the kind staff that you have. Special thanks to Elvira, the lady with the most engaging smile, who was like a member of our own family and who always helped us unselfishly. She was always there for me when I needed her most, she knew and understood all my fears, sorrows and strange reactions, and even though we couldn’t communicate with words; our looks helped us communicate perfectly well. I want to thank her for her patience, understanding and all the love and warmth she gave us (I could go on about Elvira for days, and everyone who knows her will understand what I am talking about). I also want to thank Juana, who was always ready to talk to my husband, she has so much positive energy, she is communicative and funny, that’s why I was so sorry I couldn’t take part in all the funny conversations they had, since humour and laughter is also in my nature. Thanks to Karen and Melissa, for all the professional help and advice, for warmth and moral support that they have given us. And also a big thank- you to your cordial wife on her support. She can best understand what we went through, and although we were not lucky to have been seeing her more often, when we did see her, it was always to our greatest pleasure, particularly because her origins also go back to the Balkans.

• Thank you for your attempts and wishes to make us become parents, for all your suggestions, plans and the programme that were always in our best interest, for all the financial considerations that helped us save a great deal of money. Thank you for always suggesting cooperation that protected our interests.

• Thank you for looking after my health while trying to make our wish come true. Now I can tell you that I am more than satisfied with the treatment I got, that I went through everything without a single serious symptom or complaint. Had I known all this in advance, I would have been more relaxed at the very beginning of the procedure. Now I know that there was no need to panic or to be afraid when I trust you and your decisions 200%.

• Thank you for praying for me, though I didn’t understand your words, I know for certain that our prayers were identical, honest and came from our hearts. For me, they had an extremely important significance, since I felt at times that I was distancing myself from God and you kept giving me back this hope and reminding me that God is always with us and is waiting for us to talk to him.

I don’t know if I managed to express all my feelings and if I managed to thank you all, but with this letter, I wanted you to know that we are more than happy with the service we got from you, that we are not disappointed but rather sure that you did your best to make this thing work and that we just lacked that little bit of luck. Nevertheless, we returned home satisfied that we were lucky enough to have been in beautiful California, it is only now that we realize what a magical place it was. We are happy to have met you and made new friends, and most importantly, happy because of “our babies” who are waiting for us there.

There are many reasons for us to be happy and satisfied and many reasons that make us look forward to our going back to California. I hope that everything will be just fine and that the conditions will be ideal for us to return in May, as planned.

Until then, many regards and kisses to you and all your staff Yours,
Jelena Avramovic from far away Serbia


June 10, 2009

Dear Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Standing and all the staff,

We wanted to let you know that the birth of the twins went very well. Our girls S. & G. are the best thing that ever happened to us. They are now 2 months old! We feel so lucky to have found you and we are so happy we decided to come to Monterey to do IVF with you. Please let Elvira know she’s the best. She gets things done fast and returned all my calls…of which there were many! We love you all and thank-you so very much!

Sincerely, A. S. and family


January 19, 2009

Dear Dr. Ramirez, Karen and staff,

I would just like to say hello to you, it has been almost 6 years since I had the successful birth of my triplets, they are beautiful and a handful but we love them! They are very healthy! The staff was great and Dr. Ramirez always seemed to be caring and understanding which we appreciated so much. My children have changed our lives for the better and we are forever grateful to you and your staff.

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. G. and the G. Triplets!!


July 3, 2008

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

The girls are all home and continue to do well! Caroline and Lauren were discharged within days of each other following an essentially uneventful 9 weeks in the NICU. Natalie faced more challenges because of her smaller size, but she was discharged one day after my due date and we have every reason to believe that her future will be one of good health.

Choosing IVF has been the best decision that we’ve ever made…every moment with them has been a joy. Thank you so much for our 3 beautiful daughters.

Take care, A.


March 28, 2008

Dr. Ramirez, Elvira and staff:

I feel awful that I have only brought Jaden to you once. Your hours of operation are the same as mine so it makes it tough. We are living in…Jaden is almost 10 months. He waves bye bye, crawls, has two bottom teeth and can pull himself up and stand up! He is our miracle…

Thank you for making this possible!

E. & R. A.


February 2, 2008
Dear Dr. Ramirez and Staff,
Thank you so much for the time, patience and care you extended to J. and I while helping us to acheive our beautiful family. We are so grateful to be blessed with our three children and know it was only made possible with your help.

Thank you again,

J. and C. G.


June 28, 2007

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

You may not remember us, but we were one of your earlier in-vitro success stories! Our daughter Sarah was born in 1996 and is now 11 years old. I sent you some pictures when she was younger but haven’t given you an update in some time.

Sarah is entering the 6th grade this fall and we think she is brilliant! She is a straight A student, an avid reader and a very strong swimmer. She has recently surprised us all by taking up the violin and finishing an entire year of instruction in the first two months. She is a bit of a tomboy and prefers Lego over Barbies, which we fully support. Overall she is a fantastic kid and I thank God everyday for the privilege of having her and raising her.
Twenty-two months after Sarah was born, I gave birth to Daniel and then we never had anymore. People tell us that we have the “perfect family” with one of each and I agree. I know that many couples never achieve a pregnancy and my heart breaks for them. I just want you to know that I have not forgotten the unusual way Sarah came to be and that I am still grateful for all that you did.




December 9, 2005
Dr. Ramirez, Elvira, Jennifer and Staff,
Just wanted to let you know that our “3rd times a charm” miracle baby was born in late November. I was diagnosed with IUGR at 34 weeks and that’s why he was so small when we induced at 38 weeks (but he is in excellent health and a redhead too!) We will forever be grateful for your kindness and encouragement during our time with you. Tyler is a perfect example of the great work you do. I can’t wait to bring him by so you can see him in person.


B, J and Tyler C.


January 10, 2000

Dear Dr. Ramirez,

We just wanted to say “Thank You” for everything you had done for us. We have been so busy but the baby is doing very well! Can you believe he is already 4 months old and weighs 15 ½ pounds? Oh, boy! Another 18 years…we will have lots of surprises…But we are sure that Christopher is a new joy in our lives. Thank you again, Ramirez-Sensei. “Mata au hi made” .


H and M


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