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Fertility Preservation


Egg and Embryo Freezing For  Fertility Preservation

Monterey Bay IVF offers a range of options for fertility preservation for both those who are facing a cancer diagnosis and those who hear the “biological clock” ticking and wish to bank their eggs or embryos for the future. We offer experienced and compassionate alternatives to those who come to us wishing to preserve their reproductive ability so that the patient can begin to build a family when she is ready. Among those options, freezing eggs or embryos are valid ways of extending your fertility.

For those recently diagnosed with cancer, it is of paramount importance to discuss fertility preservation with your oncologist. Dr. Ramirez and his staff are ready at a moment’s notice assist anyone who is faced with cancer treatments that may impair their ability to conceive in the future.

A couple may not be ready to have children yet but the wife’s age is nearing the 35 year mark, a significant point in a woman’s fertility timeline. There is the possibility of extending your fertility by going through IVF at an earlier age by freezing your eggs or your embryos. At our center, we specialize in freezing eggs and have excellent FET success rates. Frozen embryo transfers are very successful, especially if the embryos are from a woman who is less than 35 years old. The ability to fertilize and freeze eggs or embryos of a “younger you” makes it possible for the woman to delay child bearing until a more convenient time in her life. This is also an option to seriously consider for those in the military whose spouses are deployed for long periods of time.


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