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Skype Consultations


Skype One-Hour Infertility Consultation

Dr. Ramirez can consult with you from wherever you are, anywhere in the world. One way of doing so is by Skype.

Dr. Ramirez is available for first and second opinions in this manner. He will give his informed opinion and make suggestions on what could increase the likelihood of having a successful outcome. The one-hour consultation includes a review of your medical history, work-up, and current treatment options and time for the doctor to make suggestions and/or recommendations that could increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Please fill out a Contact Us form and we will schedule as soon as possible. There is a $300 fee for a formal, in-depth infertility consultation of one hour in duration by Skype. For patients who are outside the country or out-of-state, Dr. Ramirez will arrange a suitable time with you to meet via “Skype”. Payment can be made in advance with credit card through our secure Intuit Payment Network or by calling our office. To make a web payment, simply click on “Pay by IPN” to proceed to the payment window.

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