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Out Of State & International Patients


Global Infertility Treatment At Monterey Bay IVF

*Special, One Of A Kind, Discount
For Our Out-Of-State and International Patients

Beginning in January 2011, Monterey Bay IVF will be offering all our long distance patients a15% discount on our single cycle IVF package. We are one of the only infertility centers in the United States to offer this kind of discount in order to off-set our patients’ travel costs.

A Full Range Of Services are offered, including: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI), Using A Donor Egg, IVF With The Assistance Of A Surrogate Mother, ICSI And TESE For Male Factor Infertility, PGS For Genetic And Sex Selection Screening, Assisted Hatching For Age Related Infertility, Cryopreservation And Storage Of Embryos.

Our Goal Is High Quality Service, personalized for each patient. The medical and clinical staff is dedicated to compassionate and caring assistance. Each patient is attended by Doctor Edward Ramirez, MD, who is unique in being readily available to each patient. He has been successful with the most difficult cases, from patients who might suffer from multiple miscarriages, require management for polycystic ovarian syndrome, are approaching premature ovarian failure; to those who need gestational surrogacy, sex selection for family balancing, and egg or sperm donation. From beginning to end, the patient is cared for in one place, our modern, state of the art facility which includes an elegant clinic, a fully accredited surgery center and a sophisticated embryology laboratory. We have a dedicated bi-lingual staff and Dr. Ramirez speaks both Spanish and Japanese (interpreting in other languages available as needed).

Of Number One Importance to Doctor Ramirez is the development of an individualized treatment plan, with careful and personal monitoring of each patient every step of the way. He believes in communicating clear, realistic expectations after a careful evaluation. We have heard from our international patients how difficult it was to see and talk with their doctor. Often they would see different doctors and sometimes they never saw their physician until the day of the procedure. We do not believe in that kind of treatment and consistently receive top marks on our patient surveys when evaluated for care. Each patient only sees Dr. Ramirez for all ultrasounds, mock embryo transfers and their IUI or IVF procedure. They stand to benefit from his years of experience in the field of reproductive endocrinology. Doctor Ramirez is particularly skilled in his embryo transfer technique, one of the crucial, if not most crucial, steps in the IVF process. Because of his skill and the skill of his embryologist, Lisa Nelson, our success rates exceed the national average. In addition, we have smaller IVF cycles with less than 20 participants, giving us the ability to monitor each patient closely during and after their procedure as well as delivering 100% error-free embryology results.

Collaborative Care With Your Doctor through initial monitoring where you live reduces travel expenses. It minimizes the emotional toll on patients because they spend less time away from home. We work closely with U.S. and foreign doctors to best organize and coordinate your care, consistent with our center’s protocols. Many patients can accomplish some fertility testing and monitoring at a medical clinic near their home, arriving in Monterey on cycle day nine. This type of IVF care management will decrease your stay to only a 10 to 14 day visit to Monterey Bay IVF.

Surrogacy And Egg Donation in many countries and even some states in the U.S., is either illegal or the laws restrict the parental rights of the intended parents. California courts have taken the lead of all U.S. jurisdictions by favorably extending existing Family Law statutes to protect all parties to surrogacy and egg donation. For surrogacy and egg donation, our third party reproduction program works with our out-of-town patients who are monitored where they live and their cycle is synchronized with either their donor or carrier, thereby reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Vacation, Relaxation, And A Baby. Our patients receive the best infertility care and can vacation as well! We are located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur and Pebble Beach are world famous destinations because of the gorgeous scenery, pleasant weather, world-class golf, and comfortable accommodations. Nearby Salinas Valley has excellent wineries and vineyards producing award winning wines. Unlike centers in busy metropolitan areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles, we are in a quiet, peaceful locale. Ease of travel to our location makes us unique as well. For our out-of-town patients who golf, we even offer a free round of golf at nearby Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, designed by Robert Trent Jones!


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