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Our History and Philosophy


The Fertility & Gynecology Center–Monterey Bay IVF

Since 1994, when Dr. Ramirez first began his practice on San Jose Street in Salinas, California, his goal has always remained the same: Provide the highest level of care in gynecology and infertility for every patient who comes to see him. When he moved his clinic and laboratories to a new facility outside Monterey in 2008, this goal was utmost in his mind. He developed a patient-centered, comfortable clinic with certified laboratories and a state-of-the-art surgery center under one roof.  All along, Dr. Ramirez and his staff remained and continue to remain deeply committed to courteous, responsive and personal care.

We focus on providing one-on-one, specialized care at all levels, including routine health maintenance visits.  Dr. Ramirez sees exclusively gynecology and infertility patients. He prefers to stagger his appointments, giving him sufficient time to visit with each patient. Prior to your appointment you will be able to relax in our elegant waiting room (one that is not filled with obstetrics patients) have some coffee and fill out any forms with leisure. Unlike other clinics, you will only be seeing one doctor who is on call for you exclusively and not for any other doctor’s patient, as he would be in a large group.

The Doctor’s Philosophy:

“As a physician and a former infertility patient myself, I am committed to each patient, offering support, information and counseling as well as the latest technological procedures to make the treatment experience as rewarding and positive as possible. Because my wife and I went through infertility, I realize that the process of resolving infertility can be a difficult and trying one. I hope through this website and through the work I do at my clinic, to minimize any confusion or frustration by thoroughly discussing all procedures, answering questions, and offering advice to women and men who need support.”

Ever since Dr. Ramirez received his medical degree from Stanford Medical School in 1985, he has adhered to his belief in a traditional doctor-patient relationship. An important factor of this relationship is the medical interview and exam. As a gynecologist and infertility specialist, Dr. Ramirez will typically spend more time than most with his patients when he meets them for the first time in order to take a thorough medical history and to hear what their concerns are. Most of the first interview is spent in a discussion between doctor and patient, an important aspect of an infertility consult. From the interview and any subsequent tests, a logical, effective treatment path can be formulated with both the doctor and the patient in sync.

Dr. Ramirez believes so strongly in educating patients that he has volunteered online for several years, answering over 4,000 questions from women all over the world on’s All Experts site and some on his blog “Women’s Health & Fertility”.  He has posted over 300 entries on the blog on various topics from menopause to infertility. A quote having to do with the successful treatment of patients from a entry on August 1, 2011:

“My final point regarding the patient-doctor relationship:  This is exactly why Medicine can never be dictated by a cookbook method. People are all different, present differently and must be treated differently. We call that the art of medicine, and this is what makes some doctors better or worse than others, and makes some doctors decide to specialize, an option which, unfortunately, is quickly disappearing from medicine as we look to less trained and less costly practitioners.”


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