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Egg Donors & Gestational Carrier Program


Thank you for your interest in our Donor and Gestational Carrier programs. We are located in the Monterey Bay area and are pleased to have helped many couples with their family building needs. For our national and international patients, our center specializes in assisting those who wish to use donor eggs, use a gestational carrier or surrogate, or need both. We are open to both heterosexual and homosexual couples who wish to start a family, but need this additional specialized help. There are many countries and states that ban in part or whole this treatment path but California does not. It is one of the most liberal jurisdictions on the planet where egg donation and gestational carriers are involved.

Here at the Fertility & Gynecology Center/Monterey Bay IVF, we have a reputable in-house egg donor agency, inspected and approved by the FDA, with over 15 years of success stories. Some of our patients come with their own donors as well when a sibling or friend will make the supreme gift of donating her own eggs. We can also refer our patients to reputable egg banks, embryo donation banks and donor egg agencies. For more information see our Donor Egg IVF page.

Our gestational carrier program relies on several different agencies here in California. We also serve as a center to monitor gestational carriers from other IVF clinics who happen to live nearby. Gestational carriers help women who are unable to carry their own pregnancy to a viable delivery. The intended mother’s eggs (or donor eggs) are fertilized with the sperm of the intended mother’s partner (or donor) in a traditional IVF cycle. After fertilization, an appropriate number of embryos are transferrred into the uterus of the gestational carrier. For more information see our Gestational Carriers page.

Becoming An Egg Donor

Do you want to become an egg donor?

We are so grateful for the generous women that participate in our donor egg program. These women give some of our infertility couples new hope of becoming parents after many years of disappointment. Monterey Bay IVF egg donors find it convenient that our agency and clinic are at the same facility with all the evaluation and treatment performed by a board-certified physician. Dr. Ramirez is board certified with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and well as being a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Be assured that your care will be by a highly skilled and compassionate physician with over 23 years of experience in women’s health.

After an initial phone conversation with our Donor Coordinator, Karen Warfield, an egg donor candidate is sent a detailed family and medical history form to fill out and return with a current photograph. We look for young women who are mature, dependable and committed to following through the entire egg donor process. The couples who are searching through our egg donor database will pay special attention to all the information you will be providing in your egg donor program application. It is important for you to be honest and straightforward on your application. The egg donor program at The Fertility and Gynecology Center/Monterey Bay IVF is anonymous, meaning the recipient will not receive any identifying information about the donor.

Upon receipt and review of the medical history form, the donor will meet with Karen Warfield for a consultation to discuss your decision to donate as well as to schedule a physical exam. According to FDA guidelines, we must screen for infectious diseases every 6 months up to the time of donation as well as screening the donor’s sexual partner. After the screening process is completed the donor egg coordinator will present the donor’s profile to the couples within the Fertility and Gynecology Center practice and facilitate the match.

Egg Donor Candidate Requirements:

  • Are between the ages of 21-32
  • Have two ovaries
  • Have regular normal menstrual cycles
  • Have a BMI greater than 19, but less than 30
  • Are not adopted
  • Have good ovarian reserve as measured by a blood test (FSH)
  • Have passed all screening criteria

The egg donor cycle is comprised of three components:

  • Cycle suppression
  • Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Egg retrieval

Initially we suppress the cycle and obtain control of the cycle with birth control pills. Once the donor is hormonally suppressed she will start the ovarian stimulation medication. Her cycle is carefully synchronized with the woman who will receive the embryos. During the stimulation cycle we stimulate the ovaries with medication that cause the development of multiple follicles. It is very important during that time that the donor be monitored by the physician to insure a successful cycle. The egg retrieval is done in our office with an anesthesiologist present.

Egg donors participating in our program receive a suggested compensation of $4,000 per egg retrieval. Individual arrangements can be made with intended parents. Anonymous donors can donate up to 3 – 4 times.


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