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Fertility Services


Specialized Fertility Services At Monterey Bay IVF

We are ready to assist you with any of your family building concerns. Here at Monterey Bay IVF we will guide you through a variety of fertility options which are for the most part available right here at our center. Our infertility coordinator, Katelynn Silva, is expert in providing for all the patient’s needs including donor and surrogacy arrangements. All arrangements can be carried out in-house. If pursuing family balancing, we are able to offer IVF with PGD for gender selection. For those women who cannot conceive with their own eggs or carry a pregnancy, we can also refer you to trusted donor and gestational carrier agencies. We can also refer patients to reputable California attorneys that specialize in reproductive law.

Our Services Include:

  • In-House Egg Donors
  • Sperm Bank Arrangements
  • Egg Bank Arrangements
  • Embryo Donation Agency Contacts
  • Gestational Carrier Agency Contacts
  • Genetic Testing – PGD
  • Sex Selection with PGD
  • Egg Freezing and Banking
  • Pre-conception Genetic Testing with Counsyl’s “saliva” kit


The Fertility & Gynecology Center - Monterey Bay IVF
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