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Fertility & Gynecology Center


The Fertility And Gynecology Center–Monterey Bay IVF

The Fertility and Gynecology Center is located in the beautiful and picturesque Monterey County, 1 hour South of San Jose. It is the only full service IVF Center on the California Coast between San Jose and Santa Barbara. We are a smaller program that allows for a more intimate and one-on-one relationship with our patients, yet have the facilities, excellence and success to rival large volume practices. Since 1990 Monterey County residents have benefited from the expertise of Dr. Edward Ramirez and his staff. Deeply committed to courteous, responsive and personal care, the doctor provides comprehensive gynecological care using the latest state-of-the-art techniques including advanced operative laparoscopy. Dr. Ramirez also specializes in providing all levels of infertility care, including the highest and most up-to-date advanced reproductive technology. Supporting our success is our IVF laboratory and the new Access Ambulatory Surgery Center, where we have some of the most sophisticated equipment available. We are proud to say that both our Surgery Center and The Fertility & Gynecology Center have passed the most rigorous tests in order to be accredited by the AAAHC, CLIA and CAP. These accreditations are only given to facilities which can prove excellence in patient care and quality control.

Our goal is to provide you with the finest scientific, state of the art fertility and gynecology care along with nurturing intimacy, personalization and compassion. We begin by recognizing that some of our gynecology and infertility patients often come to us with emotional and medical challenges that can seem overwhelming.

The Fertility & Gynecology Center

The Fertility & Gynecology Center

Unlike larger, institutional programs, you will be seen by Dr. Ramirez almost every step of the way. Also, unlike large high volume programs, our patients are individually known and recognized, not just a medical record number. For an infertility patient, one aspect that differentiates this practice from a standard gynecology practice is that Dr. Ramirez and his staff make themselves available during the weekends to accomodate patients whose cycles happen to cause them to ovulate on Saturday or Sunday. Because there are many possible causes of infertility, the doctor will perform a comprehensive evaluation and order testing to determine not only the probable cause but the best possible and cost-effective solution. Together, we’ll create a treatment plan that’s best for you.

We are pleased that our infertility success rates, especially for IVF, exceed national averages. Our embryology laboratory is located on the premises and is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Whether you are just beginning treatment, or if you require the advanced reproductive technologies, you can be confident that the Fertility and Gynecology Center has the years of experience, the expertise, the skill, the concern and the history of success you can depend on to help you realize your dream of having a baby.

The staff is committed to each patient, offering support, information and counseling to make the treatment experience as rewarding and positive as possible. We realize that the process of visiting a physician can sometimes be difficult and trying. Our team makes every effort to minimize any confusion or frustration by thoroughly discussing all procedures, answering questions, and offering advice throughout the treatment process.


The Fertility & Gynecology Center - Monterey Bay IVF
9833 Blue Larkspur Lane
Monterey, CA 93940
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