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A Holiday Note Of Hope

We know that the holidays can be stressful, surrounded with so many expectations. There is pressure from family, friends and yourself to celebrate and to enjoy when unfortunately, for the person experiencing infertility, it can be very difficult to do so.

Although you cannot make the pain of infertility disappear miraculously, you can improve your outlook by acknowledging what you feel. Do not let it consume you. Let yourself and others enjoy what really matters, your health, your loved ones and perhaps that little bit of fun will change your attitude so that you can start the New Year with hope for a better outcome., the infertility support website, has a special section devoted to the holiday blues that you might consider looking over. One quote from there especially makes sense to me: “I should reasonably expect to feel rotten during the holidays. If I have even a little fun, that’s a miracle, a gift and an accomplishment!” Click on the link above or go to their website: Coping With The Holidays.

Another article I saw recently on “” helps in another way, by letting others know what to say and do for those who are struggling with infertility. “Gifts you probably shouldn’t give someone struggling with infertility” talks not only about what not to give but also, what supportive gifts you can give. Might be a good thing to share among your relatives and friends. A nice piece of advice from there: “The very best gift is the gift of your time. Specifically, doing an activity together that takes their mind off what they’re going through, even briefly.”

Wishing all of you and especially our patients, the very best and a better, more positive New Year.

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Dear patients, Update: As of April 6, 2020 our clinic will be operating on minimum staff. Dr. Ramirez has been deployed with his U.S. Army medical reserve unit to the East Coast to assist in supporting a field hospital.