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Should I consider seeking professional treatment for infertility?

People who consider undergoing ovulation induction, IUI,  IVF or other assisted reproductive techniques (ART) often do so after they have failed to conceive for 12 months. Others who have known risk factors for infertility seek treatment sooner. Reasons for this include:

The female partner is over 35 years old.
Either partner has received injuries or been diagnosed with conditions that affect fertility (endometriosis, pelvic infection, polycystic ovarian syndrome, undescended testicles).
Either partner has a family history of genetic disorders (Tay-Sachs disease, thalassemia).
The couple has not been helped by ovulation induction or infertility treatments.
The female partner has had multiple unsuccessful pregnancies for other reasons.

Single women and LGBT couples may also obtain professional assistance when attempting to conceive a child.